me2 (2)The dreaded question “who is Jacquie Rousseau”?  Although very gifted with with art of chat, “what EXACTLY do they want to know?” pops into my head every time I hear this, followed by the question “are they going to judge me based on my response to this?”  Learned experience is YES THEY WILL…share what you want them to know 🙂 

So who is Jacquie Rousseau?

I am a mother of 3, an artist, a lover of the outdoors.  I am passionate about following my dreams (once i figured out what they were!!).  I am about taking chances and finding joy in every moment.  My laughter is my calling card.

I have been a listening ear, voice of reason, and a sounding board for as long as I can remember.  I’ve repeatedly heard “you are so easy to talk to”, “I feel like you understand what I’m saying”.  It wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I recognized that there was truth in what people were saying but more than that, I experienced SO MUCH JOY helping people discover the answers they were looking for.  I set myself up at my job so that I was in a position make a difference in peoples lives and have the opportunity to get some professional training in problem solving, dispute resolution, etc.  Though excited with the training I received, and the position I held, I realized there was something big missing from my life.  Thats when I dove into finding ME….who am I….what makes me tick.  I used every tool I could find….some worked….some didn’t….but all the roads pointed to creating a new life for myself.  I left my job after 17 years and decided to follow my passion and study to become a Life Coach, learn and master Reiki and land my dream job as a barista.  Not an easy decision, but I have no regrets!!  I now get to spend my days serving coffee and chatting with people, sharing smiles and laughter.  I have recently completed my Level II Reiki and will complete the study of Reflexology and Indie Head Massage in April 2018.  And as this website explains…I AM a Life Coach!!!! 

These last few years have been a journey of healing, growth and discovery.  I look forward to combining the skills I gained from my journey, my previous training, and with the knowledge, skills and hands on learning that I have abundantly received from Rhodes Wellness College to be of service to others.  My desire to work with people who are on their own journey, with their own struggles continues to bring me so much joy.  I look forward to getting the opportunity to work with you!




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